Health Clinics

Naval Branch Health Clinic - Philadelphia

Serving the Occupational & Environmental Health needs of Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard and Philadelphia Naval Support.

  • Medical surveillance for at-risk employees
  • Certification exams for specific employee categories
  • Treatment and referral services for acute and chronic occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Occupational/Environmental illness and injury case management to restore workers to optimal function
  • Consultative services in Occupational & Environmental Medicine
  • Occupational Audiology services in support of the hearing conservation program
  • Occupational Optometry services for military and civilians
  • Full-service menu of industrial hygiene services to identify workplace hazards, monitor exposures and recommend administrative, engineering and personal protective measures to decrease risks of work-related illness and injury
Preventive Medicine services provides oversight of Environmental Health Practices for Active duty, Reserve, Civilian, Dependent and Retired populations located at the Navy Yard Philadelphia, NSA Philadelphia and NSA Mechanicsburg bases and local region.
Based on the Occupational Safety and Health Act, this program ensures healthful working conditions by administering tests to assess the possible health effects of the hazards that you face on your job. OSHA-mandated medical tests are conducted as well as tests for toxic chemical exposure.
Pre-placement exams to determine if you are fit for duty or medically qualified for your job.
Branch Health Clinic Philadelphia does not offer any Pharmacy services due to its limited scope of practice as an Occupational Health facility.  For more information on the Tricare Pharmacy benefit, please review the Tricare Pharmacy website available at  This website provides information on how you can fill your prescriptions, including the use of Express Scripts Home Delivery.

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4898 South Broad St., Bldg 615
Philadelphia, PA 19112-1320

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 0730 to 1600

Contact Numbers – Branch Health Clinic

Main: (215) 897-8147 (DSN: 443)
Preventive Medicine Technician: (215) 897-6837
Fax: (215) 897-6847

Occupational Medicine Staff

Clinic Director
Occupational Medicine Provider
Occupational Medicine Technicians (2)
Administrative Assistant
Administrative/Office Support
Preventive Medicine Technician

Contact Numbers - Industrial Hygiene Services

Main: (215) 897-6115 (DSN: 443)
Fax: (215) 897-6384

Industrial Hygiene Staff

Supervisory Industrial Hygienist
Administrative Assistant/Building Manager
Industrial Hygienists (3)
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