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Flu Vaccines are available to all enrolled beneficiaries.  Immunization clinic at NHC Annapolis is open to walk-ins  from 12:30 to 15:30, Monday - Thursday.  Please remember to sign into the kiosk for the patient receiving the immunizations rather than yourself. Active Duty and all flu shots do not require an order but all other immunizations require a provider’s order. Please have your provider order or bring a copy of the ordered vaccine.

*The 2020 Flu Vaccine is available at NHCA, for ages:
6 months and older*



Flu Vaccine Availability FAQ 2020

Find answers below to some frequently asked questions about the availability of 2020-21 influenza vaccines for DoD beneficiaries:

What are my options if I want a flu vaccination now and my MTF does not have it yet?

Influenza vaccinations are covered as a TRICARE benefit. Follow the TRICARE guidance in this link to be advised at no-cost options vs. co-pay options:

Where can I find civilian locations to receive a flu vaccine?

TRICARE has a link for civilian locations where flu vaccine may be received at

Is there a co-pay for beneficiaries when receiving the vaccine at a civilian pharmacy?

There is no co-pay if vaccine is received at an MTF or from a civilian pharmacist. There will likely be a co-pay if vaccine is administered in association with a provider visit. Please see the following link for more information:

Do civilian pharmacies administer the vaccine to children?

It varies by state rules. We strongly encourage contacting the pharmacy prior to your visit to understand any age restrictions they may have. 

Are military members eligible to receive the flu vaccine at civilian pharmacies?

Yes, if they are beneficiaries under TRICARE insurance program, they are eligible for this benefit. If vaccine is received at a civilian location, it should be visible in the Service Readiness systems within 48-72 hours but proof of vaccine receipt may also be transcribed into the Service system.

Are DoD civilian employees eligible to receive the flu vaccine at civilian pharmacies?

Yes, all federal employees, as a benefit of the federal employee health insurance programs, are eligible to receive an annual influenza vaccine at a retail pharmacy with no out-of-pocket costs.

Will MTFs have the flu vaccine for beneficiaries over the age of 65?

Yes. DoD has purchased vaccine specifically formulated for those over the age of 65 years. 

Will FluMist be available at the MTFs?

The FluMist manufacturer continues to have limited influenza vaccine production and it will not be widely available in the U.S. DoD decided to purchase all injectable vaccine this season.

Why does the military always seem to get their flu vaccine after the civilian population?

The current US population is over 327 million. TRICARE serves 9.5 million beneficiaries, approximately 3% of the U.S. population. Therefore, DoD doesn’t have the purchase power that the civilian medical markets have.

Who decides the vaccine delivery priorities within DoD?

Each year the Services review and vote on the distribution list. Locations overseas, ships afloat, and deployed personnel are high priority for delivery of the first vaccine delivered to DoD in August. Once those locations are fulfilled, vaccine is prioritized by each individual Service for delivery to their locations in CONUS in support of all active and reserve locations. 

Who decides the priority list for vaccination once vaccine arrives at the MTF?

The Commander of the installation.

Where may I find out more information on the influenza vaccine?



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