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How Providers Make a Referral

While many people self-refer to the Behavioral Health Department, your contact with patients increases the likelihood that you will identify early signs or behaviors of distress. What can you do?
  1. If they have not already, ask your patients to self-refer to the Behavioral Health Department for psychological treatment. Note: Family members and/or eligible dependents who are 18 years of age must call personally to schedule their appointments.
  2. Determine the person's willingness to go to a helping resource. Reassure the person that it is an act of strength to ask for help.
  3. Dispute the myth that only "weak or crazy" people go for psychological treatment or use others for help.
  4. Remind them that the Behavioral Health Department is a confidential service and all Privacy Act guidelines are strictly followed for our patients.
  5. Offer to help make the initial contact with the helping resource.


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