Deployment Health Services

Navy Individual Augmentee

For Individual Augmentees.  Please contact your Command IA Coordinator before scheduling an appointment. Follow the steps found at the Navy IA website:

Deployment Health Assessment (MHA, PHDA, PDHRA):

Complete the appropriate surveys at: (
If you do not remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link and reset your password.
To complete assessment:
  1. Log in with “Login ID” (SSN) and Password.
  2. Select the “Create a New Deployment Health Assessment” link.
  3. Select “Are you returning from being deployed?” arrow.
  4. Select “Boots on the Ground for a least 30 days” button.
  5. Submit Date of Departure (+/- 30 days) from Theatre. Select “Next” arrow.
  6. Select “MHA, PHDA, or PDHRA ” from top row.
  7. Complete the assessment. Click “save” before leaving each page!
  8. Use the drop-down Calendar to select dates.
  9. Log out.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.