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Public Health

Committed to promoting a safe, healthy community

What is Public Health?

Public health is the practice of preventing disease and promoting health and wellness within groups of people. At Naval Health Clinic Annapolis, we are committed to optimizing the health of the Midshipmen, Tricare beneficiaries, and the working population at installations throughout our area of responsibility, including both active duty members and civilians.

Who Does It?

Public Health is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from many fields with the common purpose of protecting the health of a population. We are health care providers, industrial hygienists, occupation medicine, environmental health, preventive medicine and health promotion specialists who are joined together by a common goal of preventing disease to keep people out of hospitals so they can be successful in meeting the mission.

Public Health Documents

Cover Your Cough
Emergency Supply Kit Checklist
Family Emergency Plan
International Travel Screening
No More Excuses: You Need a Flu Vaccine
Prevent the Flu
Food Facility Special Event Application
International Screening Exemptions
Time for the Flu
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