Periodic Health Assessment (PHA):

PHAs may be available by telephone for suitable patients. If you wish to discuss medical concerns in detail, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your Primary Care Manager (PCM).

How to schedule an ePHA or telePHA:

Step 1: Check your Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Report

You will need a CAC card reader in order to access your IMR Report.
NavyBUPERS Online (
Marine: Marine Online (
Utilize your IMR report to determine “Due” items.
“Due” items (Dental, Lab, etc.) must be completed prior to your PHA being signed off. If dental class 3 or 4, schedule and go to your dental appointment first to complete requirements.
Step 2: Sign up for Secure Messaging or log into your Secure Messaging account.
If you don't have an account, go to ( Request to add provider, search zip code 21402 and select:
" Navy-Annapolis-PC-Readiness ".
Step 3: Complete the NEW electronic PHA survey from any computer or smart phone:  ( .
Step 4: Send message to Navy-Annapolis-PC-Readiness via Secure Messaging that the ePHA self-assessment questionnaire is complete.
- Select Subject: Message Office Staff
- Include the following in the text box:
PHA Survey Complete
Full Name:
DOD ID Number:
Step 5: The PHA Screener will review your package and contact you via Secure Messaging to schedule the face-to-face appointment or telephone appointment.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.